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    from Malaysia


    "If anyone can make dancing fun, Andrea can! Whether it is the Boogie Woogie, Rumba, Tango or Viennese Waltz that you want to learn, Andrea teaches these steps at your pace and it is always enjoyable. Her enthusiasm for dance is infectious. I love it"

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    From Malaysia


    "Andrea is a passionate and dedicated instructor who tailors her classes according to the level and requirements of her individual students. She is also a lively person. making sure that there is never a dull moment in her classes"

Let me share with you 10 reasons why its worth it

to start your Dance journey with Dancewithmeasia:


Experience30 years of dancing, 15 years of teaching, continuous evolving and learning. Helped hundreds of people to learn to dance and reach their goals, be it a wedding performance, a ballroom or latin competition, or perfecting their social dancing skills.


Support: You will get continuous dedication and support from the beginning till the end of your learning experience. You will have all the vital information that you need to reach your personal targets and milestones.


Proven Methodology: The unique and tested coaching methodology that I have developed will maximize your results and will help you in all areas of your life to find a similar balance that I have reached by using and testing the same framework.


Strong BackgroundNext to my active dancing and coaching presence I am also fully certified in all areas that we will go through during the training period. All my programs are carefully designed and aligned to make it sure you get the safest and the most efficient service.


Connection: I will give you 24/7 chat support, Email support. Will search for all the answers that is needed for your development.Will update you with the hottest tips and tricks.I will be your coach, mentor and biggest cheerleader.


Strong basics: I believe everyone needs a strong core and a well maintained posture. I believe everyone should learn and study the music and I believe everyone should learn about connection. Among many other factors you will be introduced to these definitions at the beginning of your Dance Journey


Real time Social Connection: You will never be alone again, I will help you to improve your Social Life and meet new friends wherever you go. I will introduce you the Social Etiquette. Dancing gives you access to events all around the world. You can go out without a fix Partner. Social Dancing is a door opener to the Local Scene. At last you can disconnection from your electronic devices.


Body Toning and Improved Health ConditionWe will tone your body, gain stronger muscles, improve your flexibility and endurance. You will have a healthy and strong posture, improved coordination and balance. Dancing helps to Prevent Alzheimer's disease, reduces the risk of osteoporosis and it is good for the Heart and Lungs. A good dance Aerobic class is the best calorie burner: approx 500 k cal per hour.


Integrity and Confidence: After attending my classes You will feel more balanced. My methodology Improves Self-confidence, it gives you a fresh, young look. You will learn a new form of Self-expression. We will improve your imagination and creativity. We will Improve your Rhythmical and Musicality skills. Dancing calms down the mind after a stressful day and helps you to stay focused on things what matter the most. We will gives you a Stylish elegant appearance.You will learn about a higher level of Compassion


Joy and Laughter: I will make it sure you will have fun too during the session. Dance is something that you have to take seriously and do it effortlessly. Yes the beginning is slower and there are some details that are vital for avoiding injuries and to understand the basics.

I would like you to experience all this because it opens the door to an everlasting continuous fun passion that will change your life !

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    from Malaysia

    "Andrea a former ten dance competitor, I knew I was in good hands. It may seem mundane but I had wanted Andrea to give me the foundations of standard ballroom dance. That is repeating the basics until I understood. Today with a strong understanding of direction that the standard dance demands, I am confident to pick up the remaining five ballroom dances. It is rare to have a passionate, patient and talented dancer and I cannot be more grateful to have her as my teacher."

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    From Japan

    The reason why I continue to have lessons as the members of DWMA with Andrea is: She never gives up demanding me to keep dancing however slow I may catch and make just a little progress, She never accepts my excuses like I am too old to catch or like it’s impossible to move so big for a person over 70 years or like I don't have ability to spin so well and so on. She is always just telling me not to be lazy and insists that i should practice every day even for a short time."

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