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Ryan the unstoppable Personal Trainer

We are starting a series of interviews with entrepreneurs in the Wellness, Art, Health Industry to help them during the lock down period. Please feel free to contact them and schedule online consultation our sessions with them to get to know them better.

Our First Guest is Ryan Phillips a Certified Personal Trainer & Certified Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist® from Brighton UK. We know each other from Budapest, we have been friends ever since

Short Interview:

What are the ups and downs of Entrepreneurship?

It’s great to be my own boss and not to have to answer to anyone else but with this freedom comes a huge responsibility as everything falls on me, there is no slacking, there is no hiding!

How long did it take to have your first client?

About 1 month

Best tip for people thinking to be entrepreneurs

Be prepared for hard work. Make sure that the business you are developing is truly in line with your passion. Never give up on your dreams!

Best tip for already operating entrepreneurs

Persistance! Successful people do the things the unsuccessful people are not willing to do.


Ryan Phillips is widely recognised as a leading expert on health and fitness. As a certified Personal Trainer and Muscle Activation Techniques® Certified Specialist, Ryan specialises in body re-composition (fat loss and muscle building), resistance training (using the Resistance Training Specialist® - RTS® methodology) and sports injuries, prevention and rehabilitation. During his 16 years as a freelance Personal Trainer

Ryan has personally helped hundreds of clients from all around the world to lose weight, transform their bodies and regain control of their health and wellbeing.

With clients as far a field as Australia, New Zealand and India via Skype, he has been able to reach out and help people get in great shape and recover from injuries from all around the world.

He has developed his own unique “Fat Loss System for Success” which takes a holistic and evidence based approach to weight loss, optimising the four key areas of exercise, diet, lifestyle and mindset.

Over the last decade, he has presented at many gatherings and conferences, delivering his information and knowledge in a dynamic and engaging manner.

He holds Level 4 Advanced status on the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPs) and holds full world wide Public Liability Insurance.

Ryan has been featured on BBC Radio Berkshire, he has also featured in Zest magazine, Health Magazine and has appeared on numerous occasions in the media proving to be a valuable source of health and fitness related information to audiences worldwide.

For client testimonials go to

Contact Ryan on 07801556778

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