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  • Andrea Zsapka

People Stop!

Dear People in the world,

I would like to ask you to step back a bit and take a big breath.

I know it's hard but keep up your positive outlook and rationality. It is time to stay sane and conscious. It is time to help each other to calm down. Social distancing is a safety measure but it doesn't mean you have to leave those who are in need alone.

Use this period for reflection, learn new things, build your online network, write to your family and friends, workout, cook, relax in the convenience of your home, there are so many things you can do with your time.

This #pandemic happening right now can happen at any time. Most probably will happen again in the future. It happened also in the past. We are still here.

Times like this challenges our biggest enemy: #fear, testing patience, resilience, courage. Yes, it's scary, I am also worried about my family, and my friends, but life doesn't stop. You still have things to achieve.

Fear has been used throughout history to manipulate people. Don't let it happen again. Grow up to the task, get yourself together. News is created in a way that it's not helping people to cool down, it makes people panic. Choose a reliable source to get #information and check whether it makes sense.

Please share and help me to pass the message to as many people as we can reach🙏

#pandemic #messagetotheworld #staysane #thinkbeforeyouact

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