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Marguerite Edith Brodie the gracious engine of Argentine Tango in Malaysia

In these interview series we are sharing the stories of artists, who are coloring our life, making us healthier, taking care about our souls , pampering our ears,teaching us to dance, motivating our emotions. They are in critical situation now, as most of them live from live events, concerts , parties, fitness events, or exhibitions. Please if you can follow, support and refer them to others. At the end they are the ones who are the entertainers of our lives, its time to give back to them.

Marguerite's Bio

She started dancing in 1991. Folk dance led to Latin Ballroom up to Gold Cross Level (NATD). She also excelled in Salsa. She won a Salsa Championship with partner Sam Sopiee in July 2001. Finally she started Argentine Tango in 2002. Have been teaching and DJ-ing ever since.

She organized the first ever Kualal Lumpur Tango Festival with my partner Andreas Lehrke and she continued to keep up the good work for 10 years. She was an active supporter of the latest edition of The Festival and the Tango world Championship Preliminary with Shuxian Gan.

Short Interview

1.Ups and downs of Being a Dance teacher/Artist?

The "up" is when you see everyone enjoying themselves. The "down" is the divide and segregation of the different dance genres. Would love to see people dancing more of a mix & "letting go".

2.When and why did you choose this path/profession?

This was a natural progression from motherhood. Children grown & not needing your attention 24/7 - and my passion & love for dance. From the year 2003.

3.Best tip for people thinking to be a dance teacher/artist?

Have the passion for it, otherwise you will not last the journey.

4.Best tip for artist/djs/dance teachers to improve and survive in hard times?

Hang in there and have some other form of work to put food on the table.

5.Why do you like dancing?

It is in my heart & soul. Makes my spirits soar & puts a permanent smile on my face. Thank you so much

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