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Mabels message "Stay true to yourself" BIRBIZ STUDIO

In these interview series we are sharing the stories of artists, who are coloring our life, making us healthier, taking care about our souls , pampering our ears,teaching us to dance, motivating our emotions. They are in critical situation now, as most of them live from live events, concerts , parties, fitness events, or exhibitions. Please if you can follow, support and refer them to others. At the end they are the ones who are the entertainers of our lives, its time to give back to them.


Mabel was trained in the Latin Ballroom Discipline in 1995, during which her dance journey, passion and career began. She had been accredited Honours for Gold level in the 5 Dance Latin Ballroom Dancing by ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, London).

In 2006, she delved into Salsa to pursue her passion in LATIN social dancing and performances. Since then, she has grown in skill and stature to establish herself as a leading figure in the Asian Afro-Latin dance circle in Malaysia and the Asian region as a competitor in the earlier years, performer and an avid social dancer until today.

The start of her teaching career in Fusion Kizomba started in 2015 through her dance company COSMOVES DANCE ACADEMY. She had established herself a premier kizomba instructor in the Asian region from 2015-2019. Mabel is known for their attention to technicalities. She has taught in many renowned Latin Dance festivals in the region for 4.5 years.

She now operates a dance school, and is the director, principal and instructor at BIRBIZ STUDIO, specializing in KIZOMBA, one of the most popular, fastest trending partner dance popular in the World Latin Social Dance arena.

She believes that anybody can dance with the right understanding and discipline in technique and structure of any dance. She appreciates KIZOMBA as an intriguing form of Art, Expression and Connection and is driven to develop a deeper and further understanding of URBANKIZ in Malaysia. Mabel aspires to share her Dancing passion near and far.

Ups and downs of Being a Dance teacher?

Ups: gaining recognition in an area I thought was never my strength. Sense of fulfillment for the mind, body, soul and heart from sharing and caring for others.

Downs: it is a constant challenge to juggle a demanding full-time job, family, classes, socials, and fitness altogether.

When and why did you choose this path?

I started dancing back in 1995 during school, and as a hobby. The undying passion, learning and improving has never stopped since.

Best tip for people thinking to be a dance teacher?

Never stop learning, and be humble in learning, imparting and sharing. We all started the same. Nobody is born a professional dancer.

Best tip for dance teachers to improve and survive in hard times?

Continue to self-improve, innovate, plan ahead of times, and strategise for the good of the people with the same love for dance.

Why do you like dancing?

Dancing gives me a sense of tranquility, as well as physical and mental strength and satisfaction of being able to break physical boundaries, and to be able to share what I know.

To connect with her: Click here

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