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Iskandar and Alyzsa-Tango for life

In these interview series I am sharing the stories of artists, who are coloring our life, making us healthier, taking care about our souls , pampering our ears,teaching us to dance, motivating our emotions. They are in critical situation now, as most of them live from live events, concerts , parties, fitness events, or exhibitions. Please if you can follow, support and refer them to others. At the end they are the ones who are the entertainers of our lives, its time to give back to them.

Let me introduce Iskandar Zulkarnain: Dancer, Actor, Teacher based in KL, specializing in Argentine Tango

I know him since my first encounter with the Malaysian Tango scene. With her lovely partner Alyzsa they are working hard and committed to reach their goals and to be their best as teachers and performers.

Iskandar's Bio

Iskandar Zulkarnain is a Thespian, Tango dancer, Tango podcaster and DJ and has performed in festivals in Japan, Manila, Singapore, Bali and Jakarta.

He has also been competing in the Asian Tango Championships.

He has also choreographed a 10 minute tango play called "Prisionero", which debuted in the "short and sweet festival" in the Kuala Lumpur performing Arts Centre in 2016 

His unique approach to multiple distinct styles of Tango separates him from most monostylistic dancer-teachers today.

With his partner Alyzsa Lim, they have performed all over Asia, including Bali's Tango in Paradise, Efecto Tango Tokyo and in Manila's Tango Festival.

Their teachers include many teachers of distinct styles.

Together they became the first Malaysian couple to become finalists in the stage category in the 2017 Asian Championships, second in the 2019 Korean International Championship and are dedicating their lives to Tango.

Short Interview:

1. Ups and downs of Being a Dance teacher/Artist?

Uncertainty in income. Most if not all of us here have a day job, especially in Tango in Malaysia. Also getting students here in Malaysia isn't the easiest thing in the world. 2. When and why did you choose this path/profession?

I was training quite a lot for competition, it just organically evolved from doing shows, organizing our coaches to teach here, to teaching private classes and group classes.  3. Best tip for people thinking to be a dance teacher/artist? 

Don't. Unless you're prepared to give everything you have to it. Sounds romantic but it isn't, if you had to choose between dance lessons or new clothes to replace your worn ones. I haven't had to choose between dance and eating though, thank God. 4. Best tip for artist/dance teachers to improve and survive in hard times? 

There are plenty of people giving classes for cheap online now. Take the time to learn your craft with that wealth of information, practice solo if you have no partner. To survive,if you couldn't do online teaching, then take up another way to pay the bills. Which is why as artists it's always better to have other income streams. 5. Why do you like dancing? 

Because it's a wonderful thing to express yourself without words.

To connect with Iskandar and Alyzsa:

Iskandar Zulkarnain


+6017 616 2279


Write us if you would like to be featured on our site:

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