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Harry Ang: The Driving force of the Malaysian Bachata Scene

In these interview series I am sharing the stories of artists, who are coloring our life, making us healthier, taking care about our souls , pampering our ears,teaching us to dance, motivating our emotions. They are in critical situation now, as most of them live from live events, concerts , parties, fitness events, or exhibitions. Please if you can follow, support and refer them to others. At the end they are the ones who are the entertainers of our lives, its time to give back to them.

Let me introduce Harry an amazing enthusiastic Bachata expert from Malaysia.

Henry's Bio:

Harry Ang is the driving force behind Malaysia’s Bachata scene. Through his efforts in teaching, choreographing, DJ-ing and organizing the only Bachata Sensual social night in the country, Bachata has gained popularity and is growing rapidly.

Born in 1984, Harry has his roots in Latin Ballroom from his university days and was introduced to Salsa and Bachata in late 2009. Harry sprung to prominence after being crowned Malaysia Bachata Champion in 2010 and Asia Bachata Champion in 2011. Having taught for 7 years, Harry now conducts weekly progressive classes in various studios and leads teams to perform on local and international stages.

Drawing from his experience in Latin Ballroom, Harry brings elegance into Bachata through techniques in hip movements. Naturally, when the Bachata Sensual wave swept across Europe, he immediately found a strong calling. Later in 2015, he was inspired by Alma Latina’s style and began creating more dynamic choreographies that fuses passion with power.

Harry emphasizes on mutual respect between dance partners, whereby both leader and follower feels comfortable and has ample space for self-expression. Nothing is more important than enjoying the connection together.

Harry’s talent in DJ was discovered when he first collaborated with DJ Gary. What initially began as “Bachata Hour” in a salsa social night drew him deeper into the music realm. His music selection played a major role in pushing Bachata into the spotlight. And when demand outstrips a mere hour, he started Sensual Wednesdays Social at Nicsmann 1940s by Lewre in mid 2018, establishing the only sensual night in Malaysia.

His unique selection of bachata music covers the various styles of bachata, including Sensual, Moderna, Remix, Urbana & Tipica.

DJ Harry has since been invited as a Latin DJ to various dance events including Salsa-Lah (2015 & 2017), Singapore Malaysia Joint Dance Fiesta (2015), World Bachata Festival (2015, 2018 & 2019), Afro-Latin Fest Asia (2017,2018,2019), Singapore Bachata Weekend (2018 & 2019), ALMA SG Ultimate Year End Party (2018), Boracay Latin Dance Festival (2018), Vietnam International Latin Festival (2019), Singapore Latin Extravaganza (2019), Latin Festival Madras 6th (2019), Sensual Sensation 3.o (2019), Colada Beach Party & Live Concert (2019)

Short Interview:

1. Ups and downs of Being a DJ/Dance teacher/Artist?

- Commitment (time & financials) and juggling between trying to make ends meet and creativity.

2. When and why did you choose this path/profession?

- It was by accident. I was dragged into a dance class by my ex. Enjoyed the class, and the rest is history. I’ve had many ups and downs, small wins and loses but I’m also very grateful and blessed to be given opportunities by people along my journey.

3. Best tip for people thinking to be a dj/dance teacher/artist?

- If you want to be a coach/instructor, first you need to be able to be coached. Be humble and hungry, learn as much as you can, focus on your growth instead of the fame. Being a DJ/Instructors comes with commitment and responsibilities, therefore take your time, don’t rush. Else fails, your passion will keep you together.

4. Best tip for artist/djs/dance teachers to improve and survive in hard times?

- Focus on your basics, don’t focus too much on volume/quantity (aka challenges, routines and choreographies). Foundation would be your building blocks and seeds for future growth. Practice practice and practice, work on small daily wins rather than expecting a huge breakthrough as they don’t happen very often.

5. Why do you like dancing?

- The freedom to express self.

Upcoming gigs/festivals;

  • Singapore Bachata Week 2020 (TBA) Singapore

  • Latin Festival Madras 7th Edition (18-20th Sept, 2020) India

  • World Bachata Festival 2020 (20-22nd Nov, 2020) Malaysia

Weekly gigs/socials;

  • Sensual Wednesdays - Every Wed 9:30pm-1:00am (Bachata & Kizomba)

  • Saturday Socials - Every Sat 9:00pm-1:00am (Salsa & Bachata) (Collaboration with DJ Gary)

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