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  • Andrea Zsapka

D' Gadzilla Samgar Indonesian DJ following his uncle's "Rhythm steps"

In these interview series we are sharing the stories of artists, who are coloring our life, making us healthier, taking care about our souls , pampering our ears,teaching us to dance, motivating our emotions. They are in critical situation now, as most of them live from live events, concerts , parties, fitness events, or exhibitions. Please if you can follow, support and refer them to others. At the end they are the ones who are the entertainers of our lives, its time to give back to them.

INTRODUCTION D'Gadzilla Samgar learnt how to be DJ around '86 and he has so much interest in music ever since. He has been introduced to the industry and has been guided by his uncle who was a Sound Engineer at one of the biggest Music Producer & Recording Company in Indonesia.

He was exposed to dance in 2006 when he became a Manager of a Salsa Dance Group and School in Jakarta, not long after that he became one of the instructors. Since than he found out about his passion in music and dance, how to blend and express it by not become someone else but by only become himself. How to translate a music in to dance,how to move without ignoring basic rules and characters of a dance. In 2018 he was back to his original passion in music by becoming a DJ full time and he started to create some Indonesian, and Urban Kiz and Zouk remixes.


Its hard for him to share with those who just want to learn dancing by memorizing or just for fun. The worse thing is when he have to do DJ Audition, and he is being underestimated because he just have a small or cheap DJ equipment. At the end of the audition he always surprises his audience by making a magical performance with his limited equipment. The happiest moment for him is when he sees people enjoying their dance when he spins the music.


For him in this life, he never choose, he just observed his surrounding and took the opportunities and he made it sure, he is in the things with full responsibility and he always made sure to leave an impressive result.


The enemy is your self when you limit your self or become arrogant about what you have achieved.


Couple Dance is his interest most. For him it is about how to Respect, Understand, Comfort the one you dance with and adjust to who you dance with to create harmony and beauty. But his personal reason is to make others happy and this is his way to be out of the box.

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