Creative Art- Therapy Dance classes 

Welcome:  I am Andrea.

A Certified Sport and Social Dance Coach

Social dance/Ballroom/Latin

Argentine Tango Dance Trainer

Therapeutic Art Life Coach

With 30 years of dance experience

“Dance/movement therapy’s basic premise is that ‘body movement reflects inner emotional states and that changes in movement behavior can lead to changes in the psyche, thus promoting health and growth’"

Fran Levy in Dance/Movement Therapy: A Healing Art.1988, p. 1)




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    from Mexico


    "I love Andrea's community dance classes. You can see her passion in every move. Her sweet personality combined with her dedication make her excellent teacher, always looking for little details to help her students, from the talented ones to the ones with two left feet, improving their skills. Her classes are instructive, dynamic, engaging, fun and ever-changing! I would strongly call anyone considering putting on their dancing shoes to join Andrea's classes. You will never look back!"

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    From Malaysia


    "I love Andrea's teaching because she not only explains in details, but she can show how it should be done, Love her technicality and her view about the connection between the dancers at the same time she is keeping a very comfortable atmosphere throughout the class. She also sent me videos and music links of the dances we did"


Start dancing now and explore all the benefits of this wonderful art-form. Get healthier. Be part of a friendly community. Change your lifestyle and find friends. Work on your discipline, strengthen your core and have fun at the same time.

Make your first Dance Steps

  • Are you a beginner?

  • Thinking about starting to dance but you don't know how to start?

  • You are confused and don't know how to choose instructors?

  • You don't know which festivals or social events you should join?

  • Are you afraid of starting?

You are at the right place, I knows more than 30 dance styles and I am well connected with the local dance schools.

Fill your Dance Technics gaps

  • Are you a social dancer or competitive dancer?

  • Would like to learn more about how to grow in dancing continuously?

  • Do you have some specific technical questions or specific areas like speed, musicality, balance that you would like to boost?




This is the place where you can find your answers.

Get Fit and Toned

  • Are you struggling with choosing the best diet or fitness program? 

  • Nothing is working for you and you are keep getting back those pounds?

  • Do you have only the last few pounds to loose and you don't now how?

  • Are you a dancer who wants to get into best shape for a competition?


Here you will reach your Fitness goals with a personalized plan that is working

Change Your Lifestyle

  • Are you fed up with the struggle of trying to change your habits?

  • Do you want to start to live a healthier more conscious life? 

  • Do you want to make the road of change interesting, funny and entertaining?

  • Prevent dementia and keep your brain fit



I have a unique methodology to help you to finally get there.

 “One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do.” —Henry Ford

Stop wasting time and money on things that are not bringing results. As a certified Dance Trainer, Professional Dancer and Lifestyle coach I know how to find out what will work for you.

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